Bread & cookery classes


Bread making classes
Group course for 6 to 10 people 10am till 2pm
Learn the basic techniques of bread making. Mixing doughs, kneading, proving and shaping loaves. Lunch included.
£25 per person
Course dates Monday 4th December 2017

Full bread course
2 or 3 people. 10am till 3pm
Hands on course. Make 4 different doughs including wet dough (focaccia). Learn mixing, kneading, proving and shaping techniques. Make selection of different loaves including baguette and baton. Lunch included.
£95 per person
(no set dates, if you have friends who’d like to do the course with you, a time time can be arranged to suit you)

Twice baked soufflé classes
Group course for 6 to 10 people
Learn the techniques and processes involved in making a great twice baked cheese and vegetable soufflé, cream sauce and parmesan tuile. And of course, soufflé for lunch!
No course dates at present. please enquire if interested.

*please say when you book if you have any dietary requirements

If you wish to book a course please contact me by phone or e-mail

[email protected]

[email protected]