The Greenhouse

Week-ending Saturday 9th March


{To Start}

Lemongrass sugar cured salmon. Ponzu dressing. Avocado. Pickled turnip 8.00

Fried salt seabass tostadas. Fresh taramasalata. Coriander & chilli salsa. Pickled onions 8.50

Squash fritters. Whipped feta. Rose dukkha. Cucumber salsa 7.50

Pheasant & pistachio terrine. Quince jelly. Crispy mangalista salami. Nasturtium salad 7.50

All served with Neil's freshly cooked sourdough



(Main course}

Char grilled Boscarnon farm bavette steak. Slow cooked short rib croquette. Corn puree. Beef sauce

Mustard turnip. Gear farm kale 18.50

Pan fried hake. Curry sauce & mussels. Corn & kale cakes. Cucumber riatha 17.50

6 Baked scallops in their shells. Seaweed & lemon butter. Toasted pecans 18.50

Watercress souffle. Carrot sauce. Spinach. Parmesan crisp 13.00

Served with New potatoes or Home fries


{Sweet things}

Fresh cream pavlova. Passion fruit curd. Fresh mango 7.00

Chocolate delice. Whey butterscotch. Caramelised banana. Banana parfait 8.00

Tonka bean rice pudding brulee. Rose shortbread. Poached pear 7.50

Local cheeses. Home made crackers & butter oat cakes. Earl grey prunes 8.50

2 scoops of our ice cream or sorbet 5.00


{Cookbook Lunch}

Mothers Day Lunch taken from Honey & co Cookbook by Sarit Packer

12.30 to last orders at 3.30pm

£23 for 3 courses


{Snacks to start}

Spinach & feta borek. Garlic yogurt


{Main Courses}

Slow cooked roast lamb leg with plums, cinnamon & roses. Cooking juices

Char grilled sea bream with spring onions, lemon & coriander

Carrot & butternut fritters. Sopured cream dressing. Yemeni falafel

Served with Honey & co hummus. Freshly made Ashtanur bread. Grilled pepper & roasted onion salad. Yemenite Zoug


{Sweet things}

Chestnut & almond cake. Salted caramel sauce. Clotted cream

Honey cheesecake. Roasted plums

Cornish cheeses & butter oatcakes